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June 4, 2008 / howardmestas

Philly Trip Days 1 and 2

Monday, June 3

What an awesome day in an awesome town!  I’ve studied American history since Moby Dick was a guppy, but to actually be where it all happened was overwhelming.  As anyone reading this can see I am just learning to blog and am having some difficulty with my pictures, but very soon I will have this site looking better.  But that doesn’t mean I did not have an American experience and feel the karma of all who came before me.

My experience actually started Sunday, the moment we left the ground from DIA and headed east.  I still have a sore neck from staring out the window the entire distance of around 2,000 miles or so.  I could see the Missouri River, and in my mind’s eye, could see the Lewis and Clark corps of discovery working their way upstream in their keel boats; and of course this was just a tributary to the mighty Mississippi which would come up next.  Within minutes I saw the the Monangahela and the Allegheny join together to form the Ohio River and I could see Pittsburg within the confluence.  Throughout the way there where incredible highways, bridges, cities, nuclear power plants, etc., all mixed in with the patterned farm squares below.  At the same time I was glancing at a screen via an internet connection that showed the flight path of our aircraft, plus 24 channels of direct TV.  What a great country!  And to think, all of this would become possible because of events starting in 1776 in the very city I was traveling to.

In Philadephia, it was incredible to see just how far we have come in such a short time based on World History perspectives.  Perhaps most striking was the diversity of the population with every race and culture represented, with most of them here for the same reason as our group… to see where it all started.  The following day an African American man would clinch the Democratic nomination for president of the United States, and there is a chance he may have as his vice presidential running mate a white woman.  Wow!  To think that just a little over 200 years ago in this same town, the founding fathers, including George Washington, had slave quarters as part of their housing rentals…and women could not vote.  Everything these great men did then, made all that our nation represents today possible.  I don’t think that in their wildest imaginations they could have dreamed of what was to come, and much of what followed was the result of unintended consequences.  But freedom and democracy are for real, and it started here in Philadephia.






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  1. darlenederbigny / Jun 6 2008 12:36 am

    positive and inspiring comments, Howard. the pizza was delicious too. : )

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